This Healing Heart


He left with no good byes

And with out a care

But when I needed him 

He definately wasn't there


In the  months before

We spent every night together

But now with no connection

Our relationship began to sever


Today's the day 

I find he's in the hospital

And with a quintet-bypass heart surgery

I knew it'd be very painful


Filling with worry 

A little more as days pass

Becoming more weak

I was hoping it wouldn't last


Once again with no connection

I became lost and confused

I realized that with each passing day

My love for him was only used and abused 


But for some stupid reason

I didn't end it

Having some hope

It'd be fixed once united


Because of a rotting disease

He had to lose part of his legs

A little past the knees

But not enough for a peg


We start texting back in May

And began to fix something that wasn't there

When we were younger

Which made it not fair


Talking more about anything and everything

That relationship we worked on each and everyday

But with her trying to get in the middle

She was only getting in the away


It was his 6th birthday party

And kickball was the game

I dashed, we laughed

But what was to say we didn’t think the same

We went to the beach

And had a lot of fun

But once we left

We knew we had too much sun


I took her phone that very same day

As someone random passed as a thought

I looked for his name

And we began to talk


At her house he had one too many

A different side of him started to show

When he laid a kiss on me while I was reluctant

She walked in and a whole new side of her began to glow


Down to Kentucky

A back porch is what we made

And with the family we had

In their hearts we staid


I come home to some crazy news

A close friend barged in because he was “bored”

Confronting him about it

Made our friendship nothing but a sore


Back into surgery he had to go

Because the disease was only getting worse

And with knowing he’ll be in more pain

Only made my heart want to burst


She said he wouldn’t be the same

And that it wasn’t a good idea

But when he smiled and winked when he seen me

I just wanted to tell her it was a great idea


He texts me on the way back

That our friendship shouldn’t be

Because his girlfriend didn’t like it

So he had to flee


Still with no connection

I still give him the updates

But without his reply

I knew he’d be too late


Another day another surgery

No matter how much pain he still held on

Maybe for her to arrive

Before he would be gone


More news came

That he wasn’t getting better

I cried and I cried

Knowing the pain was only becoming greater


Her flight came the next morning

But he passed away at 1:39

Without some kind of closure

I knew her pain would be worse than mine


With discussion of what to do

We decide not to go

To see his final resting place

Only few would know


When I told him the news

There was more to what he said that showed

He opened my eyes, mind, and heart

That there was more to be known


With connection through a friend

Is when he decided to speak up

Saying that he was done

And there was no future for us


I shrugged it off without a care

Only coming up with one problem

About his stuff

I don’t know where to put them


Now we are there for each other

And nothing can tear us apart

Through thick and thin

Always together through heart


We met up at a food place

Started a convo of “bliss”

We talked and laughed

And ended the night with a kiss


With the love who passed

And the relationships that grew apart

It was those inspiriting words

To help This Healing Heart

Guide that inspired this poem: 


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