I need to be alone, to clear my head.

Like rinsing the sink with water,

Down the drain, out of sight.


I’ll go to the forest where it’s peaceful,

I can be in my own world,

With no one to distract me.


The only sounds I hear are the sticks,

Snapping beneath my feet,

And the little birds chirping their happy songs.


I’ll go to my usual place,

An old tree stump with many rings.

It is there I will find some clarity.


The stump is in a small clearing,

Surrounded by small, red wildflowers.

It’s always so beautiful during spring.


As I sit, I think of you.

The only person I ever brought here.

And the reason I’m here now.


You were my best friend, so wise and accepting.

Always supported my dreams,

No matter how impossible or silly.


But I know that life is a precious thing.

And like a light bulb, it runs out eventually.

It’s just hard to accept you’re gone.


I know, though, you’d want me to be strong.

But mending this heart will take a while,

Like the building of the Great Wall.


In time I’ll surely be okay,

But for now I’ll sit on this stump.

And think of you.


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