Heads Up

Sun, 03/31/2013 - 20:52 -- joshis

What do you know? Freedom is never free,
And often, the law does not bring us liberty,
It is the fight that intensifies within,
The desire to break the barriers of skin,
We will admire those before, but also act,
And will not let the others detract,
From our beauty, from our love,
From all that we have to offer this world,
We have come so far but cannot stop here,
We need to exterminate the hate, the fear,
It's time for a change.
Change that remains even as the times have changed,
Change that knows no gender, age, or race,
A wise man once spoke, "I have a dream."
He brought light to the world, a world full of mean,
Still today we keep dreaming,
That our words and actions will have meaning.
May we be just as wise,
May we bow down our heads, but also rise,
To fight, to light up the night,
My actions say more about me than what I look like.



I really FEEL this poem! Keep your head up and thoughts with making a positive impact!


I absolutely love it! It's amazing. You really hit the nail on the head with this one. I think that you're very talented. I can practically feel your sentiments, and it's all very true.


Awesome poem



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