Headmaster U LIED!

Mon, 07/01/2013 - 02:53 -- 14all



Blue eyes, blond haired


Look at you will never be heard


I tell u will be loved and cared


But you fool i'll  bring your death near


You think i love you , yet i trick you with fear


I told you sin my child it is only human,HA!


Now you're burning in the flame


What a damn shame


I was with you when you born


Very determined to make you my whore


I am your body, your flesh


MMMMMM  you smell so fresh


The light it burns!


I'm sorry I'll Run away and turn!


"NO bitch  im about to make your stomach  churn"


I THOUGHT I killed you!


NO! You dare not CALL on God.




OK OK OK i'm sorry i made you my dog


HOW are you speaking i am your master


"NO Sir you're just a bastard!"


"My God is strong "


"Don't you see you're wrong!"

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