Head mace (stream of consciousness poetry)

Citizens arrest a seizureexploding out of her chestDetest the demise of optimism- look aT that crumpled facebereft.Raging carnival trying to stay straight‘Nature welcomes me’ Though not blinded by an attempt on her savage drinking spree.Moments owned  in contemplationDetest she caught a Jack Wills scent  immersed is  his idealised rave nation.How many  t – issues to imbibe.Called her his inbred so he could remain highSensational arrestNo mirror to attest to the beauty she finds.searched google maps for Scalifax’s finest hearth.Should she lay down to rest?Wait for a sudden epiphany?Her mind can’t take twocker  ignition games from kids still wet behind the ears,straggling their momma’s rancid pyjamasSearching for a place to settle in between her knees.Scrumpy Jack personashe assumesIs she really a cut above the estate who try to convince her they have answers to all the clues?She’s not like them.This species are not her brethren.English cider tasters of blood from a irrefutable providerKnock heads against tombstones and concrete walls.Green-eyed,Winkie  slept behind a grill gate to keep out the flybys.Vulnerable heart -veil lifted from day one.Chinese whispers of some busy blasted scumCommon decency leaves the palm of her hand -slaps a face hard – its body turnsenthralled at the chance to appear overly occupied.Enjoy chillled !at 6 percent Bad move to guide to her to her own whereaboutsShe paid for her own calm connotation.Guideline on  how to  avoid walking  into a web of sinTanned face betrays  that her heart hasn’t felt  akin.There’s nothing of substance behind the beer goggled eyes.Monotone lifeget upget dressed,smoke a roll uptake a sip of the brew that simulates a disguise of content.She’s not one to say she’s any better than these numbed, train fare skiversFun when a teenager…..Numbers on the  increase –She thinks they should at least have figured out how to suit up and boot upYes, use your all your  ties.Bound up in this place of besmirching deathPositive energy sniffing up the vibesconflicted as the amish addicted to methRed ant crawling up her thighmore focused than most humans she has the pleasure to relate toOne mighty jump off this stony  hearth would not behow she would want end her lifenot nigh.Sun in her heartMoon never far to seduce her into a twisted cadence withlegs defiantly apart.‘The settle’ calls her home –  shrieks filled with the ego of the Saint Lies -a Spinne.What business has she pollinating with  the  bees? It’s her playground too.She won’t  let the bastards inject their humdrum existence –unleash their quiet, unpalatable disease.Point fingers at an indecipherable colour or soundThe ku klux clan live but one gate from the smack head who sleeps with the blood hound.Remove these walls ineffectivelyFamily values, Adams apple samples the hit of threes company tooHumour her, she never  preached to know every pelvic beat.Extend a handForget notthat one gaze will settle reflectivelyDon’t make another feel uneasySolely because it’s you who feels Queasy.Smirking at them playing it coolDo they think she is a brassic , court  jester fool?Indulge  them she does.but only because she knows the truthThey live a life that’s  ambiguously impenetrable.The difference between the simple life and herself ?Empathy.Compassion.An open mind.Sentiments branded on her – costs three lifetimes in wages to wear her kind of fashion.Attempts at making her feel she is wrong and potentially illiterate.It’s beyond a joke – she plays naive – she knows  they are a hoaxShe treads through a land full of tossersPity not more of them get fired off into a land of terrorist moshers.Feelings misgivenThis drink was an attempt at a pitchIt’s not her style.impetigo limperbrewed up to tease pacman eating jack and jills in a ditch .Irate she  saw integrity  in one other smothered core.Ineffectual – yapping up intoxicated mummies three day old pyjamas.Think it’s an accomplishment to shove her mistrials in front of her face?How many more fuck you’s  and put up’s must to deal with?Momma doesn’t need their  drama’s?The issue with people who stick together in stitchesis that without an audience -without a chasethey will dangle that carrotespecially when their  life is on the downsquinting them  into the glitch.They need her kind more than her kind needs theirs .Empty out  the contents of a full can of scrumpy poisonOne factor in blurring all boundaries.Is it fair to intoxicate nature with man -made hootch?She’s repulsed – she sees them all  their stark naked  formsuch is her claritywho to label as a warning ‘ there goes another douche’ ? ethics, medics, system of values- it’s an appeal to their humanity.Need to get outGet out of this spaceShe can see she’s playing into this heinous fate.She makes her rulesShe breaks the rulesonly because she knows them so  well- lets state she knows how to present the look ofI’m off my face Temptation heel to her commandShe regrets inaction of  strength she  usually ordainsonly this time she lacksFuck it , she is done with the cloud of visual  maceShe’ll get hammered at a location ,on her request,digestsatiateCan she have a mirror?Third eye awaken to  the true head case.

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My community
Our world


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