Head High

I Cry, Laugh, And Have BeenBeaten By Fist
Trust ME When I Say I can Go Down The List
You Didn't Break Me Because I Am Still Standing
Better Yet I Am Still Smiling
Every Time My World Falls Beneath My Feet
I Always End Up Getting Beat
I Am At The Breaking Point Of No Return
But As Of Right Not There Is A Listen We Have To Learn
For All You Young People Out There
Life Get Hard You See
That Is Why You Have To Stand Up And Face Your Enemies
No Matter What You Do
You Should Never Give In
This Is A Battle That You Have To Win
You Got To Believe In Who Are
Because Only You Can Get Yourself Very Far
Keep Your Head Up High
Because Once Your Gone There Is No Coming Back
You May Think This IS Not True
But There Are People Who Believe In You 
No Matter What They Say
No Matter What They Do
You Shouldn't Let The Define The Real YOU!

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