He Would Hold Me

Sat, 07/26/2014 - 16:15 -- KAMO

If only I had empathy.

No longer a thief

Stealing joy and peace,

From those whose fortresses I robbed,

Without caring who the person was.

With every hurtful remark,

Regretting the arrows

Which hit their mark.

I can’t bring myself

To unlock my cell,

Though I hold the key.


Despite the darkness I saw a man,

For my palm he did implore.

Gently, he grasped the contents within

And opened up my door.

A gentle word, a smiling face,

Led me from my dark place

Into light and joy and love-


Gone is my sorrow,

Gone is my hate,

For my heart is reclaimed.

Drowning then, but now I’m saved

Because of the Man who forgave.



Gentle steps into the prison,

A quiver of light I see.

And in the dimness I see me,

Or who I used to be.

A person enters into my view,

Dispelling the memory.


The Man comes into my sight.

Kindly, he tells me this advice,

“Keep trying and don’t be afeard.”

With a gentle word, a loving heart

I followed him from that dark part

Into the light and life and love


Where I did dwell evermore. 


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