He Would Be

Tue, 11/07/2017 - 23:52 -- EmmyVG

Her entire life has been a cruel joke

A smack in the face every time that she spoke

False hopes and broken promises from the start

'Til learned helplessness was burned into her heart


But the heart did still beat and the burns did fade

Even though time and again she was betrayed

She came to accept that people were this way

And that no one good would ever stay


I do not know if I can say what love is

I was positive that it didn't exist

But then it grew in me when he gave me his

Yet it was gone in a blink, not even missed


I know I did love him, but it was all wrong

He had nothing else in his life with meaning

He depended solely on me to be strong

And was jealous of my passion, my dreaming


Because I was blinded, I let him cage me

Now I'm disgusted remembering we kissed

And I feel so stupid that I didn't see

At least now I'm free from his ties on my wrist


I think I've learned what it takes for love to last

Both people must have hopes and lives of their own

Two complete people instead of broken halves

Better together, but still happy alone


He'd be someone who makes me question limits

Someone who makes me forget the passing minutes

He'd convince me that it's finally my turn

For fear and helplessness to be unlearned


Because he loves me, he'd look with doting eyes

I'd wake up to his smile every sunrise

And when I'm scared, his hands would still my shaking

I'd never be in fear of my heart breaking

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