He was;He is

He was that person who made you wonder who he was,

what he was about

He was that person who I found interesting,

that's no doubt

He was that guy who put me in a state of trance;

the one who occupied my thoughts

He was the guy who gave me butterflies,

the one who tied my stomach up in knots


He was handsome, respectful, kind nice and sweet

that boy was the one who knowcked me off my feet


He was the one I shared my interests with, who I shared my problems with


He was the one, on occassions, I made laugh....It made me happy knowing that I had made him smile

He was the one I trusted...for when I spoke to him it was like I knew him for a while

He is the one is so close yet far, something like a mile


He is the one I truely miss

He is the one who left me in the mist

He is now the one I wish I could talk to

He is the one who makes me feel so blue

He is, he was...too good to be true





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