He Was Their

    Growing up I always knew what was real

        growing up I always knew what to feel

     been talked about rejected 'cause I was different

         thought no one sees you, no one hears you but he was listening

for many years I asked the question

was I really meant to be?

I knew my christian parents have always loved me

but the fact my peers could not see beyond my shell

All the potential that I held; did not stop me from being me

For you see he was always their holding my hand

the man with the master plan

Who is he? You might ask, G.O.D  he makes me glad

G he is Glorious, O he is Omnipresent, and D is for Dominion

              He's awesome and always present. Words really cannot describe what an impact he's made in my life. 

I love the way he answers when I, call when I felt alone he

Did not let me fall

He blessed me with God-fearing parents who always have my back.

            I realize haters are going to hate no matter what you do

               You can't expect the world to fall in love with you, but I fell in love with Jesus and he's all I'll ever need.

God is good, God is awesome, my God inspires me

He was there all the time

Even though I could not see.

This poem is about: 
My family
Our world


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