He Was Different But Beautiful

I have seen many things

and I have heard many lies 

But the only things that make me cry

are the one's that make people hate you


I love you just the way you are

I just wish that they could see

I just wish that they'd believe

that you are in every way equal to me


I've seen the pain you've been through

with those that say you should be ashamed

But don't worry about what they say

because I'll always be one phone call away


The things they've done to you

no one in this world deserves 

The way they've made you feel

makes them earn their place in hell


I know it's hard my friend

but I only ask one thing

Don't hurt yourself and don't be afraid

because nothing that they say means anything


See I will always love you 

you never have to change

And those that make you cry

will lay their heads in shame


I'll fight for you and with you

because you deserve nothing but the best

I'll never get tired of hugging you

because you're always such a good friend


At last my friend

I beg of you to stay 

My world would not be the same

if you decided to leave


Please forgive my selfish need 

to keep you by my side

But I'd hate to see you go

I'd hate to never see you again


I'd hate to have to pretend that I won't miss you ,

I'd hate that I'd hate you for giving up, 

And taking everything away

but unlike them I'd love you in each and every way


I know that they shame you 

into hating who you are

But remember one thing 

they know nothing about true love


I know that they make you

want to fade away

But a light as big as yours

should blind them 


They are not worthy of your love,

they are not worthy of your pain

They only know how to hate 

and destroy the things they can't understand


Through all of this I promise to

stand by you until you're free 

Once and for all and with all my

love I welcome you to a new world.




































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