He saved her

Broken she feels. In the night, her soul cries out.

She feels the pain of the days and has no hope for the rest.

She needs to be rescued. She needs a prince.

But, will he come?

He does not have to! A girl does not need a boy to rescue her.

A boy who she thinks is a prince but who turns out to be a pig.

She has a King. The King of the universe.

He loves her. He will save her. And He did.

On that night, with the knife in her hand, He saved her.

She felt the pain, and she thought there was only one way to end it.

She cried out, "Save me. If you love me, then save me. I am worthless to be loved." He gave her peace.

He loved her,

He loved her for her faults.

He saved her, He gave her and overwhelming peace.

He knew her plan, because He wrote it.

The King of the universe is author of her story, and He saved her.

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