7th February,2019.

The day was rough.

My head,

Full of thoughts.

When did I start asking for His will,

 To be done in my life?

Yet I still want,

To survive this life.

On this I pondered,

On my way home.

All I wanted was to taste the money.

Living a wasted life,

He gave me a testimony.

He gave me a shoulder to rest on,

When I grew older.

Walking through the flames for me.

With His feet in the heat,

He took the shame for me.

The pain I went through,

Wasn’t in vain.

The pain He went through,

Just for me.

He was sacrificed.

Christ claimed me,

From the chains of guilt,

When my soul was full of filth.

And so,

I lift my hands,

To the great I AM.

Always cheering up,

Never giving up.

Cos Joy comes in the morning,

To brighten our lives up.

Though we deserved nothing,

He gave us everything.

And so,

I choose to lose the world,

Keeping the Lord tight.

Throughout the fight,

He was my light.

He is my might,

When I’m weak.

Always there for me.

I remember how He comforted me,

Just last week.  

Like Saul,

He met me on my way to Damascus.

Like Paul,

He made me new.

And so,

This is my good news.

I call Him,

 My Saviour.

And so,


We will worship our Father,

In this place.

I mean,

On this Earth,

I feel misplaced.

And so,

I can’t wait for that day,

I get to see His face.

I believed in the lies of the world.

But the Lord looked into my eyes,

From the skies,

And made me wise.

 His Grace,

Not by inheritance.


And so,

I thank Him,

For His acceptance.

He does the impossible,

In His time.

And so,

He deserves a standing ovation.


Cos He made my renovation possible.

By His Grace,

We saw the light of this day.

 Philippians 4:4 says,

Always rejoice in the Lord,

I say it again-rejoice!

And so,

If I may ask again,

If we no get Grace,

Wetin we gain?






This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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