He or She


Am I he or am I she?
I am he in the sheets.
When the night lights dim and the world is quiet,
I am him.
I am him who is constricted and constructed,
Into a dress with long hair and painted nail;
Whom sits and stairs at the mirror wondering,
Why am I so uncomfortable?
I am him who sits in his room and rubs his chin, 
Wondering why he has to wear a dress when he wants to wear a suit.
I am him who constantly looks at men,
shirtless and bare with no care.
Wanting more than a bra and underwear. 
He wants boxers.
He wants suits. 
He wants girls.
I am she when the sun goes up, 
And the world looks down on me with shame.
I am she who tries hard to fit into the normal ram of things,
But she just has nothing but pain.
I am she, who is Christian, and is afraid that God we think I am a disgrace.
God will turn me away as if he never knew me.
I am she who does not want to burn when I die.
I am she when I suffer.
Am I she or am I he?
Am I they or am I we?
He wants to be accepted.
She wants to be love.
He wants to wear what he wants.
She wants to love who she love.
He wants to steal the girls heart.
She does not want to burn in hell.
He loves God.
She loves God.
He feels incomplete.
So does she.
He is part Adam.
She is part Eve.
God made me one.
I am he.
I am she.


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