He loves like the Wind


United States
30° 28' 39.6588" N, 95° 1' 5.6856" W

My love is fair, he is funny and true. Though he never knows quite what to do. We sit and talk, we laugh and cry, but one day we will both die. Life it seems, does not care. No life is not fair. Though he is my love at this time, I wonder how long he will be mine. Will he one day walk away? Will he decide to no longer stay? Forever in my heart. Yet still the summer goes on and our time turns to dust. Soon enough he will be gone just like we knew he must. Must we go? Go, go, go. Yes. For though we are man it is not in our nature to dwell in the past. Because nothing lasts. We are but leaves being tossed in the wind. So we must carry on and live as we go never turning back and only regretting what we have not done.


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