He hides behind her lies,

He hides behind her lies,

He cries inside his mind,

He tries to find the help,

He desires the kind of life

Where she isn't with other guys,

She doesn't come back and cry,

He never fell for her stories,

He never looked in her eyes,

She never told him she loves him,

She never told him goodbye,

Where the only road that was left was for making everything right.

He writes so he's not alone

He fights with demons at home

The nights when he's at his lowest they never pick up the phone.

He waits until night is gone

He's still singing his song

His minds still in one piece

His heart was broken all along.



this poem made me tear up... wonderful control of words. 


Oh my goodness you just made my night, thank you so much!!!


No problem man! I definitely needed to let a few tears out and this poem was the perfect fix. I hope that you are feeling alright and that you can fight off your demons.

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