He drew a line


United States

He drew a line and stood behind it

and dared not step across,

he said, my principals are just

no matter what your loss.


He has rights he must defend

but our children pay the cost,

he will not bend nor give an inch 

and our children’s lives are lost.


He won’t give in, he will not talk

his line is firmly drawn,

there are no limits he accepts

no matter what evil may be spawned.


His eyes are closed he can not see

he stands behind his rights,

the cries of grief he does not hear

amendment two he cites.


Nothing done, no change is made

again we roll the dice,

and when another shooter comes

our children pay the price.


So tell me Mr. NRA

do you feel just like a fool?

who will hide behind the rights you quote

when agsin shots ring out at school?



















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