He Dreams


He drinks, drinks and drowns

He hides yesterday's problems in a bottle

While his son hides in his room

He talks about finding himself yet he looks in all the wrong places

He drinks, drinks and drowns until he falls asleep

Because in his dreams is the only place he feels alive

He goes to work counting the hours until he can reach his poison

He justifies actions with statistics and excuses

But never will admit that his problem is when he abuses

He drinks and drinks until the world turns into what he wants it to be

Meanwhile his sons dreams of a world where he can be free

Free from his dad and the problems they have

Free from the bottles and the boos

Free from a life where he has to lie about the bruises

He dreams, dreams and believes in a happy future

A future where his mom comes home and his dad hangs up the bottles

A future brighter than his past

A future where he wants to be home and he's not afraid of what's home

He dreams, dreams and believes in a future where he doesn't have to hide.


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