but he didn't hit me

Sun, 01/08/2017 - 15:53 -- buzz

I can't watch shrek anymore
It sounds like a little thing but it's not
Its the story of loving someone beautiful or not
Not just when they're falling apart
The song comes on and i shake
I was always your broken hallelujah
It took almost a year for my mouth to form the word abuse
To understand why i couldn't even see someone that looked like you
Without panicking
How none of my friends saw the signs
Because it left no bruises
You didn't hit me
You made me feel like getting better would lose the one thing i wanted in this world
Like my wrists looked better with bracelets covering fresh wounds
Like blood soaked sheets were a trophy
Like being depressed was sexy
No one could argue that it was your hand forcing the blade across my skin
But your hands wouldn't stop me
Your words wouldn't stop me
You wouldn't stop me
You loved me at my worst 
But only at my worst
But you didn't hit me
You threatened, you manipulated, you schemed
But you didn't hit me
And even if you had, id have thanked you for the pain
For reminding me that i was alive
For telling me that hitting rock bottom is relative
But you didn't hit me
You left me with no broken bones
No bruises
No fat lips no black eyes
Just scars
And the inability to watch shrek

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