The Haven of Dreamers

If I should shed

All of these

Unnecessary superfluities

Let them fall

Like plumage

Or foliage

Or broken links from mail armor

If I should slough them off

As a viper rips through

Her own beaded skin

Then I should be left bare

As a dewy chick

Quivering in a crumpled shell

And my heart would beat

For one thing only:

The bright refuge

Cradled in my mind

Nestled like a winter fox

Inside my skull

It is my little

Imaginary corner of the world

An asylum for the wildest fantasies

That leap from my heart

The secret space

Of poets, artists, writers

And dreamers

The realm of true friends

That I spun of nothing

And now hold dearer

Than the characters

That populate reality

I'd give up all

But my daydream dominion

For it keeps my heart beating

In this drowsy, empty life

My home away from existent home

Where I live more

Than I ever could here

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