Have YOU realized what you've become?

What does one see when two bodies intersect?
I know I look for me or for something that reflects
Something I can talk about, a personal interest
A common ground, A meeting at a vertex
An idea of value, a space between
Two tall structures broken by flying machines
And back to the point, when thoughts are parallel
Then people work out exponentially well
They can see eye to eye, they are collinear
They can converse now or then or there or here
They can sit about and drink in a cantina
And when things go bad like Bush and Katrina
Don't stab in the back like Julius's Senate
Because You Only Live Once, I promise, don't forget it
And If they stab and kill and betray your trust
For greed, honor, fame, or lust
Then forgive and forget and be the better man
Because you know it in your heart that you're the only one who can
Keep your head vertical with your neck and shoulders
For you're living your life with the burden of boulders
Leave your body in function and don't give up
Everyone gets a chance to drink from a cup
Of respect and honor adjacent to gods
And I know what you're thinking "What are the odds
That I will drink from such beautiful chalice?"
When you are dead and you've reached your palace
Your heaven, your hell, my place for me
Wherever you'll go is wherever you'll be
And facted like the Earth's rotation
You can show the next generation
What it's like to be good at the stakes
Push and strive from your mistakes
And when this is all said, finished, and done
You will have realized what you have become.


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