Have You Ever Felt My Pain

To those who have felt my pain,


Have you ever felt the pain,

only eleven years old and already wishing your life was over

the other kids don't treat you the same

They mock you

They make you ashamed

Have you ever felt the pain,

Of having your only friend, your best friend stab you in the back and then turn you around and shot you in the head just for good measure

leaving you alone and heartbroken wasn't enough

A piece of your life was also taken

Have you ever felt the pain,

Saying those three simple yet powerful words and not getting a reply back?

I love you has never been the same

Have you ever felt the pain,

Of looking into your mother's eyes as she cries your tears

Yet she doesn't know all of your fears

Have you ever felt the pain,

Of looking down at the pills in your hand and thinking to yourself

if i take this my suffering ends

but it will be starting a new more deep pain in the heart of those who love me

Yet that love they claim they have, you never seem to see

Have you ever felt that pain?

My pain?


Carolina Conti



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