Have A Baby For Me

If I could live forever without a child,
I would not want everlasting life
What good is a man without offspring?
I want my own child before I die
All the things I possess mean nothing to me
I have not done what I desire most of all,
And that is to impregnate you

My feelings for you run deep
There is no question about that
I have only a short time to live,
But I want you to have a baby for me
If I could see my biological child,
And touch its tiny hands,
That would be enough for me
My heart is slowly giving out
You know that I shall soon pass away

I admit that I am asking too much of you
This is not an easy decision to make
Darling, if you say no and walk away,
I would hold nothing against you
Most women would not conceive for a dying man,
But if you sincerely love me, you’ll do it

Let me leave a special part of me with you
You’ll see me when you look at our child
I know that your pain will be hard to bear
You’ll bring up a child without a father,
But you’re a strong woman and you’ll survive
You’re my only hope of getting a child
Let the love in your heart be your guide
Darling, please have a baby for me


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