Haunting in Me


United States
40° 10' 27.354" N, 83° 5' 23.3484" W

And I watched the tide as it broke away and swallowed all that was left of you,

and I thought you were gone but you remained stronger than ever in my memory. 

And to this day I think back to that moment when I could have helped you, 

could have saved you, could have stopped you. 

I think back to that moment when I stood as still as a broken shadow haunting 

in the moon. 

But maybe you weren't gone, maybe I just didn't want to see that you were there. 

Just like an ocean always has waves I will always hold you in my heart remembering 

all that you were. 

I loved you as much as someone can love another person. 

If my heart were to be cut open all that would be found is love overcrowding and spilling 

out for you. 

If I was an ocean I'd be the one with the biggest waves, 

If I was a monster I'd be the one with the scariest face, 

If I was a song I'd be the one with the softest syllables, 

If I was with you I'd never want to hold another hand. 

If only you could come back to me and I could tell you of all that I know now

and I could take back all the wrong that I did to you. 

I know why you left and I'm sorry for bringing that upon your untouched, innocent, 

glowing heart. 

I broke your heart and in turn broke my own. 

I regret my actions. I regret my decisions, 

I regret that I can no longer take you into my arms and hold you until the 

light burns out, but I cannot change what has already been done. I cannot 

change what has already been marked down into the book of history. 

If only I could I would. 

I would go back to that moment and change it to the time I saved you instead 

of letting you go and falling back into that endless hold of heartbreak and warfare, 

I would go back and change my mind and go with you like you wanted me to. 

I would go to the ends of the Earth to be with you. I would love to just have you 

siting next to me again and go back to the way things were, back when it was just 

you and me and our heart filled love of never ending destiny. 


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