Memories closing in

Shadows of the past

Windows breaking

Glimmering shards

Upon the floor

Walls large and daunting

No reflection in the mirror

You don't exist

A wisp of fog rolling by

Your feet gliding above

Up the staircase

Past the tattered tapestry

Down a dim corridor

Cat eyes glinting

Bones crumbling to dust

A skull perched atop

To the dungeon you go

Eerie lights painting

The rough-hewn stone wall

Cobwebs stretch across

The broken light fixtures

Rats scurry to and fro

Rotting food gives off

A most pungent smell

Stepping across a body

You see their black soul

Grinning maliciously

Here they'd come to dwell

Screams pierce the night

The moon is blotted

Out of sight

By thunderclouds

Sailing in

The stars wink farewell

A faithful dog howls

Mournful sounds echo

Across the barren land

Nobody around for miles

To the floor

Falls your hand

Blood spreading

A crimson puddle

Of a silken dress

A distant memory

Of that fateful evening

Long ago

A birthday ball thrown

Chills racing down

Your spine

As you dance

With a handsome stranger

His face cast in shadows 

You are enchanted

Almost like he cast a spell

Put you in a trance

A walk in the gardens

You turn around in bliss

Gazing up at the moon

The gleaming knife

You tragically miss

A gasp taints the autumn air

Tiny breaths puff out

Shaping into fading clouds

You hit the ground

Footsteps walk away

The rose bush is blurry

You try to raise your head

And then everything falls


Here you lie in the dungeon

Your soul rising up

Pulling its attached tendrils

Your life slips out of your 

Weakening grasp

As you bleed to death

There on the stone floor

You cast your tired gaze

Up at the man coming in

A smirk etched upon his lips

Looking familiar

You raise your frightened eyes

And finally see his face. 

This poem is about: 
Our world


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