Haters Gonna Hate

You see em haters,

looking back.

Oh, how they snicker.

How they gossip bout you.

How the haters tryna drag you down,

with there venomous words.

Their words may be toxic,

but don't let it get to ya.

Keep your head held high,

and shout out your very own battle cry.

You're worth the fight. 

Your souls on fire,

your hearts blazing.

Honey don't let em words break yo very soul.

Smile, because luv, your smile shines brighter than the very sun.

You're worth the luv.

You're worth it to the world.

Smile and let em haters hate.

Don't let the enemy tell u who you can be and can't.

Be your own self.

Honey, your better than those haters.






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My country
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Let em haters hate, your u and that's what makes u unique.

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