Haters gonna hate

Time and time again, rejection will ascend,

in many forms; school, friendships, and jobs,
No one ever said that living in this world would be easy,
Even those in the life of luxury have their own demons.
You're biggest enemy can be yourself, 
you can defend it, or you can take a stand
and make it right, but that takes time
whether learning to ride a bike,
learning to read or write,
to learn music in it's finest form,
or transform into something so much more.
Sometimes all you need is the dream to make it happen,
sometimes you need is that push to help you manage,
Sometimes all you need is that force within you to strive,
to make an effort that only you can derive.
Within the hearts that are hurting, pursuing, willing to keep on moving,
is a strong lion ready to be released from it's cramped cage,
with true hearted fire in it's eyes.
Or simply someone who is tired of waiting,
someone who is ready to create or take his own,
to bask in light of ones work, on a mighty throne
For me it was confidence, people told me otherwise,
having to walk tiled halls with dread, 
feeling like all I could gain was  a "C".
Teachers can say one thing that can deter you're faith,
it's like running a race with mace in your eyes,
clouded vision, hopes and dreams cut down in size.
They break you down, they knew what you could be, 
and tell you how" you're a classic statistic--
your artistic capabilities can take you so far,
to have the ability for a job".
But it doesn't have to be that way, to have a mindset that will not sway
and an affirmation that will be firm and stay.
Knowing that those who doubted can only say "hip hip horray!",
Smiling but knowing they led you astray,
giving praise but doing so brings dismay,
With a hand in your potential demise, you can rise.
Today I can be confident in knowing,
that I can do anything and I'm still growing.
When they see you, fist held high rejoicing,
your head held high with grace, humility, power,
to have the respect of succeeding
even though life seemed to be receding.
Remember when you apply work, and keep your goals in mind,
there will be people cheering you on,
and haters that are gonna hate


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