Hate school but love education. Inspiration.

Wed, 06/25/2014 - 03:46 -- liseth


Hate school but love education. Inspiration. 
I will not let your grading scale define who--I am. 
I go to UCLA but it's just an institution like any other. Prison.
I want to study medicine but I don't think ten weeks of learning physics is going to prepare me for that struggle. Opression.
The problems in the world worth solving are not found in a text book. 
We live in a time of multidimedia dreams and interior design fantasies.
People were not meant to be employees of faceless institutions that produce--vanity.
We are lovers and creators. Manifestations of thought and language. Miraculous in our ability to think. And dream. And speak. Yet we spend lifetimes afraid of being--ordinary. 
Reliving nightmares and fearing defeat--we retreat--into quiet bubbles of existence. Convinced we will soon be forgotten we wallow in our death beds before we even finished dreaming.
Remorse, regret and sadness is all that is left. 
And I ask you--is that the life a society should be promoting? Cable television and prime time news story-telling? 
This is not what you were meant to do in a day. There is a higher purpose to every breath you take. Happiness is the passion that comes from doing.
Every moment of existence is nothing short of miraculous. Don't let your life become a chronicle of unfinished projects.


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