HATE is not LOVE By: Nate' Dixon

HATE is not LOVE By: Nate' DixonHATE is the bullet that kills young lives.HATE is that thing that steals our successors’ pride.HATE is the demon that tears the world apart.HATE is the realistic deception that no one has a heart.HATE is the evidence of things being done as we speak.HATE kills our young people, and makes our elders very weak.HATE is not only utilized by young, but our old as well.HATE makes them speak things on our lives that...I shouldn’t tell. HATE makes me wonder… “Does love really exist?”HATE sprouts the feeling that this “L” word that I’m speaking of is never truly in the midst.HATE is in our churches: gossiping, judging, and whatnot.I fear that HATE makes those people forget that they were in the same spot.Some of you might say, “Let me correct you on that! You don’t know what you’re talking about! That’s not HATE, just very tough love.” “Well, you don’t know what you’re talking about, my children, because that’s not love…”“Besides, anything not of me isn’t love, it’s the opposite”, says the Man up above.HATE, sometimes, preaches sermons, prays, ushers, might even sing a song .HATE wants to be involved in everything, and is suspect when it doesn’t know what’s going on.HATE comes in many different sizes; some bleak, short, tall; some stout, some thin,some fat.HATE is the demon that demon that doesn’t want you to be involved with anything of God and will tell you , “Hmm, take that!”HATE calls it “revenge”.I call it “just pain selfish”. It doesn’t matter because God tweaks all mishaps.Though HATE will have you doubt if the Creator really loves you, don’t give into HATE and never turn your back on the one who covers you.For He is the opposite of HATE, and that’s another poem.For now just know that HATE HATES.HATE will never love.Why?HATE is not LOVE.  


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