You are there beginning through end

You encompass us before we are even given a soul

You shout at the thought of the fears we do send

Away they go to the depths of our despairs to be burnt for time eternal

We weren’t originally lost and didn’t need to be found

You live in all, feed on those who are sent

Sent to Hell, the place, pitch black, without a sound

So easy it would be to compare you to sadness, loss, abandonment

The once whole rock you do break piece by piece

You seep into the broken parts and stay

You take a small thing and you mock and tease

Happiness and prosperity we must pay

We welcome you with open arms

Though our insecurities you do figure out

We never know when to sound the alarm

Why do you fill our minds with doubt?

Only because you are part of the beginning itself

You make us get lost inside ourselves

Alone with nothing but our own emotions

You force us back to the naïve but no longer compassionate persons we were in the beginning

Feeding on innocent mistakes

Our emotions we do lend

To you that is, who makes our forgiveness look fake

Though the relations you destroy, we do mend


Only the strong return

You help to weed out those who are really fake because those who are fake don't try to fix

The ties either become sronger than prior or to ashes they burn

Though it seems polar, you do not destroy just for kicks


Our feelings you do stir

To you our happiness we lend

You destroy what we have made so that we can build it up stronger

You are there beginning through end

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Our world
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