Hastened Progression

They are ones who disconcern their proceedings as common practice
Unknowingly or not, but consciously advancing on their destructive paths, enjoyably  
Ignorance is the century-long coma they reside in
Reality trepidates their foolish facades of fantasy
What is claimed to be dear, are intimate obsessions that they fear futurely irretrievable and unattainable
And what they profess as inherit love are merely false senses of security
Selfishness leads the considerate emotionally astray
Neglected are the orphans who have the option to prosper in the place of the powerful dismay
How this darkness truly can cloud the minds of those who look directly at the son of Suns
The lands that they venture in are bright mirages of sole proprietorship 
Soon will the selfish find themselves ripped away from their dear love's dwelling 
Thankfully for humanity's sake, perfectly, desecrated


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