I wanna be in sublime harmony

With the birds, trees, flowers and bees

I mean would it be sheer blasphemy

To wanna sync with the motion of the waves in the oceans, breeze, rivers and seas


I’d let the waters flow from the ocean

Saturate me, life's most hydrating lotion

Soaking up every last precious drop of it’s wisdom

Dunk me within your waters and I shall float to the top of nature's intellectual kingdom


With depths deeper than man has ever explored

Thoughts of coral reefs no man has ever reached

Would I be wrong to have implored

For a great connection beyond the shores of any beach

Mother Nature all that I ask for

Is just to be submerged in your knowledge, I’ll lean back and listen as you preach


For you, I make myself malleable

I recognize that your words are valuable

No matter how softly spoken

You hold the token

To mend the torn down and the broken

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