Harlem Speaks

I'm speaking

And the streets listen 

Like I'm their leader 
These streets with their grit and grime. 
Tell a story, like "a once upon a time"
When brothers used to love each other
Protect each other, Dammit even fed each other
Now they feed off one another,
Raising different colored flags, 
Killing each other
Boy stop beating your brother!
You told him lies and ran away
Said "I'm just tryna stay alive!"

But I am! All I ever do is try
I've wanted to overachieve but you don't even let me get by
You stop me, like a deer on the road
Crash, unwanted
Dented and busted
I'm beat down
My cup is trembling
I've taken way too many shots
Beneath my skin where the needle pumps life into my veins
Into my brain and I feel that relaxing muse, but it's short. 
You've cut it. 
Harlem, I can't deal with this life anymore.

I dealt with you, dealt to you
Yes, drugs. Muse. Call it what you'd like to. 
But admit it, I gave you a gift
Of a soul that could jam out 
When you were tired and dumped taught you the rhythm to my soul
I brought you down to clubs where you shook the hands of masters 
I sat you up infront 
Your fingers moved with the piano 
The keys opening your heart
Releasing the poison inside
I gave you something to hold onto,
I gave you something to love.
Dammit I taught you how to love it.

But with that passion comes a horrible price
No matter how hard we try to escape
You suffocate us
We die drowning in our pain,
Choking, unable to speak.
Our voices are gone and our lungs full of your nasty threats
Yet I can't hate you
I can only wish I had never met you. 


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