The Hardest Thing To Tell Her

I-love-you is the hardest thing to say to the miss I secretly adore.
Every time I see her, I tell her the nicest things I can imagine
And hope that she will read between the lines somehow.
Sometimes I lavish her with complimentary lines and quotations,
But there is no other way to say “I love you,” except “I love you.”
Why can I not tell her “I love you” in her presence?
I say it many times when I am alone and she is in my thoughts.
I-love-you is the hardest thing to tell her.

Even if I converse with her from morning until evening,
I would not dare speak when it is time to tell her “I love you.”
I can reveal my love for her by acting out the meaning of the words,
But I am so afraid to show her what is in my heart.
The words “I love you” are not easy to say to the woman I love.
I must hide the love for her that is growing inside me,
For I could not bear to hear her say she is not in love with me.
I-love-you is the hardest thing to tell her.


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