Hardest Decision

Thu, 07/02/2020 - 01:30 -- Gaby7

This was the hardest decision i had to ever make in my life.
My heart filled with tranquility.
I knew this was right.
You were brought into my life during very crucial events.
"He" definitely had a plan with an absolute meaningful end.
He changed ALL our lives with a single touch of True Love.
He knew what He was doing even though times were very rough.
I fought & fought without understanding, only with anger & fear.
Overwhelmed with my decision, i knew i had to grow to become selfless.
With every thought, every prayer, and true self talk.
I knew the decision as well as you.
After every struggle, every fear, prayer and tear.
The decision was loud and clear.
He meticulously planned this with detail and every step.
It was YOUR time.
This was your chance after 5 years to become what you prayed for each night.
He chose YOU, i chose YOU.
Your time has come.
This was the hardest decision.
Not easy. But in my heart, YOU are the one.
My heart ached. I cried. I was scared. But i knew it wasnt wrong.
From that moment i felt utter peace.
I had this strength all along.
Only He knew this plan.
With complete confidence in "you" & in "me"
I knew this was about to be.
The gift of love, the gift of life; the gift of giving.
5 years you patiently waited for YOUR time.
This was meant to be.
YOUR time to be a Mommy times three.

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My family


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