Harder you work, the luckier you get

I continue to live life with a burning ambition
Achieving success is my one and only requisition
The opportunity to assist others and spread inspiration
Provide others with powerful knowledge across the nation
For I have dreamt to establish a vast creation
Consisting of hard work ethic and dedication
To open doors for others utilizing tactics of motivation
See, the goals I have established for myself are beyond imagination
But I know that anything is possible as long as I put forth the determination
I strive for the fame bundled with a sense of realization
And change the world and make a significant contribution
However, making it in this world is a definitely a difficult situation
Growing up being a minority was tough, receiving humiliation
I stayed strong because it wasn’t worth the retaliation
Thus, I want the chance to present others with the proper education
In order for them to set sail to discover their own identification
Everyone possesses the key to a chance at succession
People think it comes so easy causing delusion
But the way the key is utilized stirs massive confusion
The key to opportunity possesses jurisdiction
Power to live beyond any expectation
To attain your greatest and most desirable aspiration
I’m too hungry seeking for others’ affection
I won’t stop because I have this anticipation
Helping others and cherishing their admiration
Words can’t explain this type of elation
But it soothes my heart with alleviation
It’s the path I choose, the only solution
Success, in my eyes, is simply my conclusion


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