The Hard Truth

In this life, you will see

There are no guarantees

Always high expectations

And no way to succeed.


They tell you who to be

But they can’t really see

How they’re completely blinded

By the norms of society.


I might be different

But that doesn’t mean I’m wrong

But because I see in a new light

It means I don’t belong.


I’ve been taught many things

Like morals and decency

I grew up in church

Learning about common courtesy.


They taught me about loving

One another unconditionally

That God sees all His children

As the same – equally.


So when did we discover

That we had every right

To fight over sexual preference

When there are wars to fight?


They say I must be sinning

That I just don’t understand

That loving another from the same sex

Was never in God’s plan.


But if that were really true

Then why would God make

Me feel the way I do

If He makes no mistakes.


They say it’s something unnatural

That no one is born this way.

But I remember feeling different

Long before I knew I was gay.


When I was a little girl

I watched I’ll Be Home for Christmas

But instead of being Jessica Biel

I was Jonathan Taylor Thomas.


I didn’t like to play with Barbies

I preferred playing outside

Lace and hose and dresses

Just didn’t feel right.


My mother never understood it

Because she liked girly things

But I refused to conform

To something that wasn’t me.


We shouldn’t have to pretend

To be something we’re not

And we shouldn’t have to worry

About being ridiculed or shot.


When I love, I love deeply

The sex – it shouldn’t hinder

Because nowadays you rarely see

Love work out, regardless of gender.


How many straight marriages

End in nasty ways

But no one ever mentions that

When arguing over marriage of gays.


And the sad thing in all of this

Is that the fight is far from done

We’re going to endure many hardships

Before our battle is won.


Because the truth behind it all

Is that people fear change

Even if it means condemning

Our own in the exchange.


America the beautiful

Has an ugly side at best

And her spacious skies will tell all lies

Until hate is put to rest.


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