Hard Long High Far


They say they are so proud of you

They say you are the best of them

Yet when it gets down to it

It’s not their claps, nor their cheers

It’s your ambition, desire, and fear

You run forward and make a leap

Not because of what you’ll meet

You dream so high that you could fly

Not for anyone but for you

You try so hard it nearly hurts

Yet watch the winner come forward and look

You try to smile and it often works

Yet that’s not why you're here

Through nights your fingers press the keys

Through days you strive for productivity

Not for the crowd's cheering chants

Not for that fleeting moment of joy

You work so hard, and strive so long

You dream so high, and reach so far

For the final moment when it all comes forward

For the final moment when it's done

Your prize is set on the table

Right before you so you can see it

The prize is reaching your dreams

Dreams that took so long to reach

That when you get there you dance wth pride

Not because the dream was worth it 

Not because the crowd cheers for you

Not because of their raging claps

But because you're there, you finally made it

All the hard work is off your shoulders

You finally made it to the top

All your ambition, desire, and fear

Are left before you with the prize 

The prize that took so long to reach

That you reach, yet again, for another dream


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