This is a Happy Poem

This is a happy poem

I repeat, this is a happy poem

This is a happy poem because the sky is pink and purple tonight

Because the laughter has birthed in me an unfaltering light

Because when he told me I was beautiful I believed him

Because sometimes it’s just as simple as gazing at the moon half past 10

Because my heart swells with love and my mind pounds with art

Because I refuse to reside solely in the dark

This is a happy poem because I can always hear her

A whisper and then a shout at my hands as they quiver

Because I felt her seeping poison into my veins

Leaving me with only a sliver of will to stay

Because I heard her tell me that I needed the bottles to sleep

That I needed the pain to heal me

That I needed the agony to complete me

That I am sorrow and that sorrow is me

Because I heard her say tonight is the night

That I will lose this fight

Because I heard her ask “Are you ready to go?”

This is a happy poem because I told her no.


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