Happy or Sad

Sat, 05/30/2015 - 02:35 -- k8carr

Happy or sad

Inside or out

Is it heard, as I

Walk across the street,

The mild Humming made to

Replace my hollow throat


Is it seen when I

Face familiar faces and

My mind is slow to remember

Where the smile fits just



Is it felt when space is

Empty for those who

Grasp grins in greed but

Not for me as I fill it


Is it tasted when

Harsh words spew from

Their mouths to my person

With the tang of cruelty

And the aftermath of spite


Is it smellt when I

No longer litter the ground

They walk with my lying,

Forced emotions that might be an

Imitation of their shallow emotions


But the mask isn't thick enough to

Conceal inside without

Sad with Happy.

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