Happy Mother's Day To Mom And To All Women

Mother, your were the first lady, Who painted my cheeks with angelic kisses at birth, And the first one who adorned my soul with wealth, Tenderness, charity and sincerity. Today is the day that we celebrate all mothers, All women - young, old and deceased, and all future mothers.Spring, the season of flowers and lovers, Continues to enchant the hearts of the blue baby quakers.  Virgin Mary, I think of you all the time; welcome meIn your heart. Mona Lisa, imaginary lady, I love your smile and your gaze. Mom, Mom, Let me dream for the last time on your bosom. Henceforth, I would like to entertain you daily, And when the bell rings your anniversary, I'll surely rush to dive deeper in your lovely pool, Under the sparkling of the stars, under the clear moon. Mother, you were the one who showed me the difference Between night and day. You fed me during the day, And at nighttime, you put me to sleep like a prince, Amidst the air filled-up with a soft jasmine scent of May. The sweet souvenirs of your unconditional careCaution me to love all mild-mannered women; I can feel flowing in my veins, in my organs, All day long a succulent taste of a ripe pear. You know very well my faults and my qualities, Please ask God at vespers, before I fall asleep with the Muses, To bring back in my ears the humming memories, So I can dream peacefully under the spells of your melodies.   Copyright© May 2009, Hebert Logerie, All Rights ReservedHébert Logerie is the author of "Mounts And Valleys of Love" Page 152



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Mehmet Haldun TOKAY

A woman as a mother is a mother first.                          then it is WHAT IT IS

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