Happy Father's Day

Dear Father
I heard stories, how you'd beat her,
from the neighbour,
when I was younger;

then you stole her_________
mother's necklace, just to spoil your little lover.

Oh my mother!
You'd infect with a disease, so worse than cancer.

But my mother,
hid her pain; from any nosey commentator.
Because of you she had to suffer,
with HIV it took a fighter.

You broke her heart,
But still she prayed for you to God.

When you ran off, leaving behind,
a diamond: "are you blind?"
But it's fine...she don't mind.
She just hoped, that you will find...

a little peace before you die,
when in pieces, and you try,
to correct the whitest lie...
that you told to other women, like my mother; what a guy!
I held her hand as she fell ill, but she never chose to cry,
she was stubborn; but forgave you right before she said goodbye.

But that's all I have to say,
so have a blessed Father's Day.

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Our world


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