Happy Faces Dying to Be Heard.


Philadelphia, P.A.
5118 N 2ND ST
United States
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I'm a sad teen with a happy face.

Day dreaming about the happy places.

As cliched as it sounds but,

The monotony got to me and the tedious silence is violent,

I can't live with these fallacies I call my personality,

So the fantasies, that I got, are in vanity!

The lack of my inhumane inane desires will grant me amnesty, I plead insanity.


But I know how you feel when

the cold world grows a little colder,

and you carry the weight on your shoulder,

You tend to grow a little cynical,

you become a little sinister going sinistral.

A minister to minstrel's who cut the hand that fed him principals

and a prince who bit off the umbilical.

You become so jaded, so faded so wasted.


The days seem to be no longer number when you live for other’s entertainment.

Just another dog with hunger pains for games that cause shame.

I'm shackled up, with a hound muffle.

A dirty mutt who’d struggled with untrustful ruffles

A prattled pup, with green truffled teeth.

I ain't a vegetarian but I feel like a veggie, this seems to be the motif.

But i'll never touch the reggie as a way to fly away from my grief.

Good Grief! Its reef madness!

I'm crazy as it is. Numb to it. Hemmed up to the seams of these teenage academes.

Currently living in mad disbelief. Down here below i'm-

Asking: Is this the matrix or am I stuck in a dream?

Sleep paralysis made a mute out of me cuz I can't even scream.

But the beaming stream of light seeping through the contracting pupil makes even the latrine smell like nectarine

But you know very well that its gonna take more than Mr.Clean and a swish of listerine to clean up-

What I've done. What I've become. Who I am, and who I once was.


So let's trade shoes and walk for a mile

And lets talk cuz i'm dying to be heard.

Dying to be like a bird a fly free from these heavy feets.

My Soul is a little worn a little torn

by this world’s pavement.

I feel paved by the ways people made over me.


Yeah. Our inner demons specialize in our demise.

Those doubts stunt our rise.

And its no surprise that people reprimand and scrutinise my tries time and time again.

But its cool man, i'm bumping to the sound of the sunrise and the sunlight on the horizon.

Regardless of what they all say, son!


But still its a back and forth to and fro battle

those negative thoughts keep me caught in my old ways and honestly

I feel like a stain on the tainted fabric we call society, what happened to my anomaly?!

This is my everyday modern life, so call me Rocko cuz ima stunning young wallaby

There's no fiction in the friction of who I was and who I wanna be

Yeah I know I gotta apply myself, and you're heckling me, reliably

You ain't got to tangle up the strings of my puppetry.

I Can't believe and i can't even-!

i'm always stressing like a heathen

who's trying to put the square peg in the star hole, like relax and start breathing!

i’m runnin’ 8-miles to fall on a stretcher.

I bet there's more to life than this pressure.

Bet there's more to life than this- pain on my chest

Can't run away from the fact that i'm a- mess

Onwards knights! Lest we be stalled by a wild jest

Lest we be appalled by a vile pest


I'm sporadic. Its hard to break out of this hard habit. I can't have it.

So call me a rabbit. Cuz ima bounce on these trolls, and fly out with trix bowl.

And the magicians hat is my cubby hole.

Its no surprise that we are all hiding behind,

the mirrors and the smoke and the goals.


I guess i'm just dying to be heard.

And i'm trying so hard with e-ver-ry word

To come across undeterred

guess i'm just trying but i'm being slurred.

and you must be thinking,

“This guys being so melodramatic.”

But no! I'm being pragmatic, that's my default,

and possibly my fault cuz its already automatic.

I'm not and I still won't ask for anyone's pity in this city.

I know there are people out there who have it way worse,

but that doesn't take away from the struggle I feel so I designed these verses.

if someone brushes you off as you reach out,  just lean on the next person

I know bro its hard as hell.

But there's not point to feel sorry for yourself.

Quit pissin and moaning. Dust the good days off the shelf.

Even when you're knees feel weak like spaghetti or gel.

Don't let em push you around like you're their personnel.

This is a no ringer, and you ain't living for a nobel.


I know I'm not the only one who feels this way

Born to destroy, then fall apart in decay

We all want to sail away

Torn apart in depression from these spiritual recessions


I'm a teenager with a dream...

A rebel for a cause

Never take a pause,

In these clause,

I need no applause.

For my flaws!

We all get chewed up yet we know the stakes.


So to all the sad teens with happy faces.

thinking about a happy place

Forgive my cliche remarks but.

Don't look back.

Just keep on going, Don't stop now

Keep on rowing, you’ll make it somehow

Keep on going, despite these doubts

Don't Clock out.


I know you're dying to be heard

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