A Happy End


Teachers will never know

All the troubles that we endure

Simply to stay at the top

Of the list of all our competing peers

We have nothing to guide us there

We simply have to take a leap of faith

And hope that we are good enough

To be recognized for our hard work

But it seems as though we are never good enough

To get that "A" or have an amazing G.P.A.

Something always gets in the way

And we have no choice but to hope it doesn't stay


That's how high school is though

You try and try only to fail 

But that failure is what drives us forward

To one day succeed past everyone's expectations

No one knows what fuels us 

But we all know it's our determination

To prove to everyone that yes, we are capable

And no, we will not give up


Our education is our everything

And if we let go too soon

Our lives will be at stake

So we continue to move forward and stay positive

As much as our time allows us

But at some point we lose some hope

And pick ourselves up from yet another slump

Only to get up and try again

Hoping for a happy end


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