Happy Days

chilly winter breeze blows though my shoulder length hair,

in doing this chills climb up my back.

warm hands are on my body to calm me,

but I cannot relax.

silent whispers coax me,

tell me to go on my own way.

screams try to frighten me,

but they have nothing to say.

numb and broken body,

tear filled open mind.

I ask someone to see me,

then start to hide my eyes.

I cover my eyes and hide away,

afraid of what they'll see.

pretend that I'm not broken,

when everything's breaking me.

but I'm just fine,

I'm getting by each and every day.

I can hide alittle longer,

to ensure you don't feel my pain.

just promise me please,

just one thing before you're on your way.

promise me that you're leaving happy,

so I know I didn't wase all MY happy days.

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