A Happy Clean Soul.


When I wake up in the morning, am I really alive?

The blood is flowing through me, I lay my hand on my chest.

There's supposed to be a heartbeat, but there's none.

How am I breathing?

I feel like I'm walking on fire, but all I see is my faded brown carpet.

I see myself in the mirror, I'm human?

Then how come my vision has now changed, I got the teeth of a lion, and all I smell is blood.

Lift up my hand, my face is soft, it reminds me of a blanket I once had.

Still no heartbeat.

It seems that I'm getting to choose my will, I'll take full responsibility for my actions. Survival of the fittest I guess.

Am I now a wild beast?

Living freely in the wild, instead of being trapped here where I call home?

What's that falling from my mouth? I open it.

It's a pool of blood, I spit it out.

Tears that are red start to come out of my eyes.

I feel nothing.

Dripping down my body, I see a pool of blood near my feet.

I'm not human. Then what am I?

Now, who locked my door? I'm pounding and kicking and slamming my body against it.

Once a white door is now stained with blood.

I wash my arms and hands.

I've stopped bleeding.

My eyes are swollen, and all I can taste is blood.

Blood-shot eyes are staring straight back at me.

I am not an animal.

I raise my fist. Will this hurt?

The mirror shatters. A hand covered with the remains.

Ouch. I feel a spark in my chest, I make the hole bigger.

There seems something shiny in the wall.

Not caring for the pieces of glass that are in my body.

I finally reach the shiny object.

It's a key. And it works on my door.

Why am I scared to open it? My room’s right next to me.

I hear a click. Turn the knob.

There's a chilly breeze. I open the door.

Where am I?

See a beast flapping its wings, stuck in the middle of a frozen lake, it has three heads.

I have no fear, it doesn't notice me.

Six eyes stare at me, we don't speak.

I now have wings? There's a hole, above us.

I turn around, my bathroom is gone.

I jump up and flap my wings.

It screams at me. I could never erase that sound from my memory. My heart’s racing!!

Tucking in my wings, I fly to the light.

My feet touch the grass. I feel alive.

I'm in the middle of the woods, I'll find my way back home.

I no longer feel trapped, nature is speaking to me.

I'm relieved.

I have a happy clean soul.


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