Happy Birthday (I Got You A Life)!

Level One:
"Press Play!"
I become familiar with the basic rules of the game (collect fruit, jump over obstacles, and reload just to name a few).
If I accidentally die, well that's okay. I have a gazillion lives left, and the "help" button doesn't get disabled until Level Eighteen.
Bloop! Bloop! Bloop!
I quickly jump over obstacles (I may have used the "help" button a few times, but sh! Don't tell anybody!) and level up just as quickly as I started the game.

Level Ten:
"Congratulations! You Unlocked Money!"
Chink! Chink! Chink!
I find some coins and collect them.
Chink! Chink! Chink!
I complete the challenges and collect the coins as a reward.
Chink! Chink!
I open the store and buy a sword to help me battle my enemies!
Chink! Bloop!
The enemies take my money away!
That's okay. I'll get more when I level up.

Level Fifteen:
"New Difficulty Level Unlocked: Medium. Also Unlocked: Alliances!"
Bloop! Bloop! Bloop!
Enemies! Enemies everywhere!
Bloop! Bloop!
A life! I lost a life!
Click "help".
Okay, I can do this.
Bleep! "Hey, need help?"
I open up the chat box and reply, "Yes."
I create an alliance with dragonboy18618.

Level Eighteen:
"Congratulations! You Earned One Extra Life! New Difficulty Level Unlocked: Hard. Also Unlocked: Five New Challenges!"
Bloop! Bloop! Blope! Bloop!
dragonboy18618 and I are battling what seems like the world!
Chink! Chink! Chink! Swoosh!
Whatever money we had left just got blown up by a dragon.
Bleep! "Where's the "help" button when you need it?"
I open up the chat and reply, "Back at level fifteen with the easy enemies."

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