Happy and Sad

A Happy Memory


The sun was shining bright and strong,

As we strolled through the park,

The flowers bloomed in shades of pink,

And we talked until after dark.


The laughter bubbled up inside,

And spilled out through our grins,

We shared our dreams and hopes and fears,

And felt a kinship that wins.


We played some frisbee on the grass,

And snacked on grapes and cheese,

The world around us felt at peace,

As we lounged beneath the trees.


This moment captured in my mind,

Is one I'll always treasure,

For in that day I felt so free,

And life was full of pleasure.


A Painful Memory


The night was long and cold and dark,

As I lay in bed and wept,

My heart was heavy with regret,

And I felt like I had crept,


Into a hole of misery,

From which I could not climb,

The pain consumed me like a fire,

And left me feeling blind.


I thought about the words I said,

And how they cut like knives,

The hurt I caused was not my aim,

But still it ruined lives.


I wished that I could turn back time,

And make amends somehow,

But all I had was endless guilt,

And tears that wouldn't slow.


This memory is one I wish,

Could fade into the past,

But still it haunts me in my dreams,

And lingers like a cast.


I hope one day I can make peace,

With the hurt I caused that night,

And learn to love with open heart,

And make things right.


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