Happiness is attainable.

You find it by appreciating  things, not sweating the small stuff

and being easily amused helps.

Happiness is the color blue, floppy ears and wet kisses, smiles from strangers, rainy days at home with cocoa.

Happiness comes from seeing a different sunset, playgrounds, car rides with your favorite people and good music. .

Being happy is a good book, a Harry Potter movie, a sleepover with your best friend and the marshmallows in lucky charms.

Deeply sated content comes from drawing a straight line, pulling a sticker off cleanly, being able to find where the tape begins on a roll on the first try.

Happiness is the wind in your fro, sunshine and froyo.

Giddiness comes from that feeling of a new crush and happiness comes from having someone to share your secret with

I dont think its realistic but

I know that i know nothing

and I know that i am happy


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