Happiness, what is it?

Thu, 10/13/2016 - 21:55 -- robodg

Happiness, what is it?

Is it the soothing roar of a thunderstorm?

The soft kiss of spring rain?

The warmth of a fire on a cold winter day?

Yes, all of these and many more

But this confuses me though


Can my happiness is wrong?

Because people seem to think that their opinions are absolute and everyone who is smart agrees

For many, thunderstorms are too loud and violent

Rain is too harsh and cold

The cold bites and the fire burns

It's okay if you don't like what I like 

But if you say I am wrong

I contradict thee


Because  I propose this: that my individuality exists

I love science, poetry and art

Even if you don’t agree with me you can’t say I am not smart

I am not afraid of my nonconformity and uniqueness anymore


I am not afraid to admit that I love the smell of coffee

Even though it makes my sister gag

I like my syrup cold, even though rumor has it, that it is supposed to be better warm

It reminds of sunny Saturday mornings with at Grandma’s house

Where we ate pancakes that have been freshly born

I wish to hear the history of the world

But Lord knows that many people find it useless

When I’m feeling bad, the best medicine is long hugs from the ones I hold dear

I love to play the star spangled banner

It it so patrotic 

And when people rise to salute the flag

My heart fills with joy and cheer


I think life without happiness is my worst fear, whatever it may be

There are so many wonderful things

Now I know I don't have to justify it for anyone, you see

This is because to myself I am King





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